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Why do I need Editing or Proofreading for my documents?

A well written and presented technical document signifies professionalism and ensures reader confidence - whether this is a client, customer or prospective employer. If your information is not clearly conveyed, business and personal opportunities may be lost.  This is where you can benefit from having your documents edited or proofread.

Document writers are subject matter experts who spend valuable time and effort developing and writing content. However, when it comes to checking and reviewing these documents prior to publication, often a writer can be too close to a document and its content to provide an objective opinion as to how the document may be interpreted by its intended audience.

In your business or personal life, have you ever encountered any of the following situations?

  • Published documents with misspellings, confusing language or other errors?  This reflects poorly on your business and can result in unnecessary re-printing costs.
  • Released a Request for Tender that contained ambiguities and resulted in many clarifications being issued?
  • Published a poorly presented report that looked unprofessional?
  • Published unclear work practices, guidelines or procedures that resulted in inefficient or unsafe work practices?
  • Presented a poorly written job application that just looked bad?

You can imagine the loss of potential business and personal opportunities due to these problems - not to mention the additional costs and extra time needed to make corrections to these documents.

Having your documents edited or proofread will help you to minimise these problems.  It can be an opportunity to get an independent, fresh look at your documents.  This will maximise business opportunities and also save you time and money. 

Samantha Yee
Tech Edit - About Us
1 March 09