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Tech Edit - User Guides, Instruction Manuals and Policy Documents Services

User guides, instruction manuals and policies are all documents that require processes and procedures to be extremely clear and unambiguous.  These documents should be written, formatted and presented in a clear and logical manner. 

Tech Edit understands that your policies, instructions and guides are vital documents.  Ensuring clear and well-written documentation could provide the following benefits:

increased productivity and effectiveness 

safer work environment

reduced  complaints from customers or end users regarding your
     products and services

reduced  support costs (ie. less demand on your customer
     support services)

consistent work practices

work efficiencies resulting in cost and time savings

increased customer confidence resulting in brand loyalty and
     improved sales

Tech Edit will ensure your user guides, instruction manuals and policy documents are clearly written so that you are able to communicate your message effectively to your target audience.

Often user guides, instruction manuals and policy documents need to be understood and used by a wide variety of people. If this is the case, it is imperative that these documents are written in a style that is clearly understood by your entire audience.  Areas of assumed knowledge should be clarified, language may need to be simplified and supporting references may need to be included. These are just some examples of suggestions for improvement that we may identify in these types of documents.

Tech Edit provides editing and proofreading services for all your user guide, instruction manual and policy documentation needs. These documents may include:

organisational policies and directives

safety or organisational procedures

product or software instructional user manuals

software and system user guides

mechanical instruction manuals

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