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Tech Edit - Technical Document Services

We offer proofreading and editing of all types of technical documentation across all domains and industries.  Editing and proofreading of documents by an independent party allows a 'fresh look' at your work, providing an objective review of the document.  This leads to improvements in the final outcome.  However, the editing and proofreading of technical documentation is a specialised field.  If not done carefully, the context of the document can become ambiguous or misleading. 

The key is to convey your technical information in the most effective manner whilst delivering it in a well-written professional English format.

We do not re-write the technical content of your document as you are the content expert, but our services are designed to improve the way your sentences and the overall document are constructed. Tech  Edit is committed to document excellence and we believe our technical experience offers an added dimension to your work.

Tech Edit can provide editing and proofreading services for all your technical documentation requirements, including:

technical journals and other publications  


funding and grant applications  

consultancy reports   

investigation papers  

research reports      

discussion papers  

work method statements  

project and program planning and management

project and program business cases  


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