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Tech Edit - Editing and Proofreading Services Overview

Tech Edit offers a great range of online editing and proofreading services for all types of technical, academic, business and professional documents.

What do we Edit and Proofread?

Our editing and proofreading experience covers a wide range of industries and types of documents.  We offer services in the following areas:

Technical Documents  that include reports, specifications, manuals, journals, research papers and journals from a variety of domains such as engineering, information technology (IT) and science
Academic Documents  such as teaching materials and student essays, assignments and theses
Business Documents such as annual reports, presentations, business cases, websites and promotional material
Request for Tender (RFT) and Request for Proposal (RFP)documentation packages
Policies, Instructional Manuals and User Guides  for software and hardware systems, industrial and commercial equipment, or your business systems.
Professional and Personal Documents  such as resumés and job applications
English as a Second Language (ESL)  services to provide well-constructed, clear English documents

What Services do we Provide?

Tech Edit offers two levels of services. These are detailed below:

Level 1:


Level 1 involves checking your document for typographical errors,  basic punctuation and spelling.

Level 2:

Combined Copyediting and Structural Editing

Level 2 provides the services of level 1 plus a review of each sentence to identify areas for improvement. These areas include grammar accuracy, syntax (order and structure of sentences), consistency and formatting.

We also look at the big picture to determine whether the language, content, tone, structure and presentation are appropriate for your goals and your audience.


You can also download a copy the Tech Edit brochure, which outlines our editing and proofreading services by clicking here.

How do I know which service to request?

Proofreading  is generally requested when the writer is happy with the structure of their  document and wants a quality check to identify errors such as spelling mistakes and typographical errors.

Our combined Copyediting and Structural Editing is generally requested when the writer wishes to identify areas for improvement in their document. These areas may include suggestions to improve sentence construction, correct English grammar and to apply consistency throughout the document. Editing also aims to improve readability through better paragraph layout and formatting.

We also review the document in terms of completeness, tone, document architecture, and logical presentation of the document as a whole, to ensure that the objectives of the writer are met.

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