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Tech Edit - About Us

Tech Edit is owned and operated by Samantha Yee. Samantha holds a Degree in Civil Engineering with postgraduate qualifications in Technology Management. She has had many years experience across a range of engineering areas, including civil, transport, road safety, vehicle standards, bridge and rail. She has also had experience in quality assurance, project management and the development and presentation of guidelines, policies and procedures. Her keen eye for detail, technical background and appreciation for the written word ensures that your documents are reviewed in the right context and to the highest standards.

Often a writer can be too close to a document and its content to be able to provide an objective opinion as to how it may be interpreted by its intended audience.  This is where the services of an editor is beneficial to the quality assurance process.  An editor not only ensures the more obvious typographical errors are corrected but also ensures that your document is grammatically correct, and that your words are consistent and coherent.  

Rarely do editors have the technical background to be able to review technical documents in the right context. However, at Tech Edit our editing and proofreading services are provided by a technical professional with industry experience.  We understand that you are the content experts. We do not re-write your document's technical content.  Our role is to review and suggest ways that your information can be communicated more effectively resulting in a professional and impressive reflection of your work.